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What Services Do We Offer

We are one of the innovative laundry service providers in Stevenage, Hertfordshire. With years of experience, we know how to take care of your items. Fueled by our expertise, we help you get your items cleaned of all sizes— from a sock to a duvet cover and even beyond.

Just Wash

If you need cleaning only, then please choose our Just Wash service. We will wash your items in 30•c/40•c and make sure they are cleaned properly. As we wash almost every category of fabrics, you are welcome to avail yourself of our professional laundry services.


Once washed properly, we will dry all items in the tumble dryers. Regardless of season and adversity, we will make sure your laundry is dried in time. Besides, we carefully monitor temperatures to prevent distortions in the fabric quality.


Our laundry service for Stevenage locals ensures the items are neatly folded and ready to put away. We have expert laundrymen who take complete care of your products and make sure the folding meets your high-standard criteria.


To make the fabrics look uneven, we will iron your items with utmost professionalism. As we have expert ironmen, rest assured, your clothes will not get burnt or distorted even a bit. Monitored throughout, your products will be ironed professionally— no excuses.

Minor Sewing Alterations

In the event that you need sewing help, please ask us beforehand. We will take care of your clothes as you would do. Whether it is a button fixing or little sewing, we can help you with any sewing alterations.

We Are Professional Laundry Services

Questions & Answers

What should I do to make the laundry ready for collection?

  • You take responsibility for sorting through soiled laundry prior to washing. Please prepare it as if washing it yourself. So, please do the following.

    • Separate and sort your colours (preferably into different bags)
    • Check all care labels for items suitably for 30c/40c standard washing.
    • Do not leave Dry Cleaning Only or Non-Tumble Dry items in your bag!
    • Check garment pockets for pens, tissues, and other items that may mark off onto other clothing.

What is the least price?

Minimum order of 6kg for wash & fold, anything less will be charged as a minimum order.

Do you charge for delivery?

Although we will charge you for collections, you do not have to pay for the delivery. We will deliver the items to you without any delivery charge.

My shirt is missing a button. Can you fix it?

Of course, we can handle that. We offer minor sewing alteration service in the event that your item is missing a button or requires minor sewing in a spot or two. 

When will I receive my items?

You will receive your clothes and other items in a 24-48hr turnaround. However, it may vary due to any unavoidable situation (e.g., Lockdown).

What should I be aware of before taking your laundry services?

We cannot accept claims for missing items in service washes, as it is not practical or cost-effective to individually ticket all your items. Therefore, we have no record of what is in your bag. However, CCTV and a thorough inspection of machines throughout the process ensure every sock is returned to you.

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